Saskatchewan police hand out more than 1,400 school zone speeding tickets

Speeding in schools zones continues to be a focus for police in Saskatchewan. More than 1,400 school zone speeding tickets were issued in September, according to SGI.

“When you speed in a school zone, it’s like failing an open-book test. You didn’t even have to study,” said Tyler McMurchy, SGI media relations manager.

“There’s a sign, a big shiny reflective sign right there that tells you how fast you’re supposed to go and when that speed zone limit is in effect.”

Regina’s new school zone speed limit officially in effect

In Regina, school zone speed limits were changed from 40 kilometres per hour to 30 kilometres per hour, the same as Saskatoon.

“School zones wherever they are, they have slower speed limits,” McMurchy said.

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“Some are 30 kilometres per hour, some are 40 kilometres per hour, some are only on school days, and some are in effect year-round. There’s no secret about those signs, they’ll show you what to do.”

In September 2018, police handed out just under 1,000 tickets for speeding in school zones

New 30 km/h school zone speed limits already in effect in some Regina areas

It’s not just speeding causing issues around schools. Thirteen tickets were issued for failing to yield to a pedestrian. Four tickets were handed out for either passing a school bus or failing to stop five metres from a school bus when their safety lights were on.

“We know police are very vigorously enforcing traffic laws. There are more traffic police on Saskatchewan roads than ever before,” McMurchy said.

Playground and school zone speed limit to reduce to 30km/h in September

“There’s been 120 new positions added since 2014 as part of a number of safety initiatives that have taken place in the province.”

Police in Saskatchewan also issued 286 impaired driving tickets, 515 tickets related to seatbelts, car seats or booster seats along with 6,463 speeding or aggressive driving tickets, not relating to school zones.

“These are all laws that are designed to keep people safe when they head out on the road,” McMurchy said.

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SGI’s Traffic Safety Spotlight this month is distracted driving. In September, police in the province gave out 901 tickets due to drivers being distracted.

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