Seventeen-year-old arrested in relation to assault of Kingston police officer during homecoming party – Kingston

An arrest has now been made in connection to the assault of a  Kingston police officer during a street party on homecoming weekend.

Kingston police confirmed to Global News that a man was arrested on Thursday in connection to the crime.

Last  Saturday night a male party goer was captured on camera assaulting a Kingston police officer, while dozens of bystanders appear to stand around and watch.

In the video, which has been circulating online since it was posted, a female officer can been seen trying to subdue a man. He appears to hit her before ending up on the ground and running away.

Kingston police shut down streets due to Queen’s homecoming revelry

Another angle of the video shows the number of people witnessing the attack and filming the incident .

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In the video fellow party goers could be heard laughing and saying things like, “fight, fight, fight,” “don’t do it,” and one individual even said, “somebody help this guys out,” as the teen was attempting to get away from the officer.

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